About Reconciliation:  Are you having trouble with anger, resentment, or bitterness? Are you struggling with broken relationships because of hurt or betrayal? Our reconciliation  ministry has been developed to help you in these situations.  Reconciliation is a biblical ministry which we offer to the community. It is biblical based pastoral coaching that helps people resolve anger and heal broken relationships. We offer a variety of opportunities to receive help with these spiritual wounds. This process is not psychological counseling. If you are struggling with unresolved anger call or email Concordia to set up a consultation with Pastor Bill Keller. We would be glad to help you with these issues.

We offer:

Pastoral Coaching- This is one on one coaching with the pastor to provide an opportunity to work through the conflict and receive spiritual healing. Please contact Concordia to set up a consultation.

Individual Bible Studies- Concordia offers individual Bible Studies that allow us to explore what the bible teaches about anger, resentment, bitterness, careless talk, and how Jesus offers us healing in these situations.

Group Bible Studies- At different times through out the year, we offer group bible studies on reconciliation, healing from anger, and biblical mediation.

Christian Mediation- Pastor Keller also offers Christian Mediation that provides an opportunity for a small group to work on settling a dispute and to receive Jesus’ healing through reconciliation. Christian mediation is normally preceded by individual coaching in order to prepare everyone for the mediation process.