Ministries & Services

Service to the Lord at Concordia Lutheran Church

By participating in church ministries and sharing their energy, talent and experience, members can serve the Church, the congregation, and their friends.  Membership is open to confirmed members; members elected for two year terms at the April Voter’s Meeting each year.  Click on the links below to find out more about each ministry.  If you are interested in contributing part of yourself to the church in this manner, contact the church office.

Parish Council

The Council guides and coordinates the ministry of the Church. The Parish Council meets once a month.  It consists of 5 chair persons of the boards. Within those boards, there are many committees that work to support Concordia’s ministry with their time and talents.

Elders Ministry

This Board’s responsibilities relate to the spiritual life and welfare of the Congregation and Pastor, and to Concordia’s faithful adherence to Biblical teachings. The Elders also assist the Pastor with visitation and communion for homebound or hospitalized members and with calls to inactive members.

Education Ministry

This Board promotes the spiritual growth of members by providing Christian education programs for all age levels. It has responsibility for Sunday School, Confirmation, Youth Group, Vacation Bible School and youth/adult study programs.

Outreach Ministry

Outreach Responsibilities: This Board endeavors to equip and encourage our members to tell others about the Gospel’s “Good News”; to help publicize our church’s ministry and activities; to coordinate the Greeter program and the roster of frequent visitors; and to plan for the reception and assimilation of new members. Social Services Responsibilities: This Board addresses social service needs in our Congregation and our community. It seeks to assist and/or visit our homebound and disabled members. It coordinates congregational involvement in Meals on Wheels and Neighbors, Inc.

Community Life Ministry

This Board is concerned with Christian fellowship within the congregation and community. It organizes social functions such as dinners, group outings, Christmas decorating and potluck and other fellowship activities throughout the year.

Property Management Ministry

This committee concerns itself with the maintenance, improvement and beautification of the church building, equipment and grounds. Examples of recent projects include extensive kitchen and bathroom remodeling, roofing, and repainting of major areas. The Board also acts on insurance, bonding and leases.

Stewardship Ministry

This committee encourages the Congregation, individually and as the family of God, to invest a God-pleasing portion of their time, talent and treasures in the Work of the Lord. The Board conducts the annual stewardship commitment drive, and channels results of time and talent surveys to appropriate parish Ministries.

Worship and Music Ministry

This committee is concerned with the music and all organizational matters of worship services. It oversees and guides the Organists, the Choir Director, Altar Guild, and Ushers.

Youth Ministry

This committee has responsibility for all Christian youth activities in the congregation.