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Service Times


  • 8:00am Worship Service
  • 9:15am Sunday School & Adult Bible Study
  • 10:30am Worship Service


  • 6:00pm Praise Service - Contemporary Christian music and prayer

Prayers & Thanksgiving

This week's prayers, praise and words of thanksgiving.  If there is something in your life or in the life of the congregation for which you wish to give special thanks, or if you feel the need for the added reassurance that comes with congregational prayer, please contact Arlene Barnard at 651-451-1078 or call the church office by noon Wednesday. Your items of prayer, praise and thanksgiving will be read at each service and will appear in the weekly church bulletin and in this space for the following week.

In our prayers

  • We Keep In Our Prayers our Shut-ins, especially Jack Westermeyer, Mildred Chmelowsky, Mildred McMorrow, William Asper, Mary Keller, Rose Balster, Carolyn Burger.
  • The sick/recovering, especially: Shirley Starner, Sue Marklowitz, Ed Fleury, Pastor Ben Lubben, John Crater, Matthew Adler, Sue Musta, Darlene Williams, Janene Millerin, Willard Anderson, Marthea Brainard, Joan & Otto Viehweg, Edna Cloeter, Ken Stahl, Orv Baumgart,  Lois Bauer, Ross Schupp, Miata Smith, Susan Volbrecht, Lavonne DeMent, Scott Dack, Jerry Vetter, Kim Burress, Micah Otte, Elise Helen Marty, Esther Dreyer, and Ramona Seils
  • Those serving in the military: Jim Johnson, Matthew Otte, Cory Friemann, Tyler Corson, and Ted Lojovich.
  • Our congregationo