Breakthrough/Special Needs

Concordia offers a special class experience for students and adults of all ages with special needs and abilities.  Every effort is made to ensure that they have ample opportunities to learn about Christ and to share in the events and activities of the congregation.

Breaking Down Educational Barriers And Allowing Special People With
Special Needs To Learn About The Love Of Jesus!

“The Breakthrough Bible Class was created for all the “Children of God” who have special learning needs so that they may learn to know and to love their Savior even more. The enthusiasm they have when entering the classroom warms my heart because they have such a strong will to learn more about God and his love.  The Breakthrough class participates in the rotation classes of cooking, art and video.  During the other 3 weeks of the rotation, they learn more about what God has done for us, his everlasting love through the Bible and also “My Confirmation Book”, which is a special book from Bethesda Lutheran Homes and Services.  During the classes, the students open up and discuss things that are going on in their lives, some of them good and some of them not so good.  We talk about when times are maybe not so good that God is with us and thru prayer helps us get through those rough times along with our good times too!  We love to sing and participate in the Children’s programs.  There is no age limit to participate in this class and anyone is welcome.”  Quote by Cathy Johnston, Teacher & Ministry Developer